The Evolving Face of eCommerce

Recently we had the pleasure of surveying several of our clients who shared some valuable insights around eCommerce trends affecting their personal and business decisions in this fast-changing environment.

The Modern PIM

57% said their biggest obstacle in increasing the value from their PIM is attributed to the effort involved in managing content.

Most PIM systems aren’t designed for today’s fast-moving retail market and are more focused on the input aspects of product content. They can be complex systems that require months and years to fully implement.

Or they lack audit capabilities to identify whether the product content has gone live in retailer systems. This creates added complexity, and it’s up to the supplier’s Content, eCommerce, and Supply Chain managers to manage.

74% said syndication is the most important feature in a modern PIM for their business.

The ability to syndicate product data to retailer partners depends on the level of retailer engagement you may be able to cultivate. For a modern PIM to be a successful business solution, it also must be integrated into a syndication network. A PIM with little to no syndication capabilities is not a successful solution.

Challenges of Syndication

71% said their biggest challenge when syndicating content is keeping track of multiple, evolving recipient requirements.

The changes to retail workflows and requirements can happen unexpectedly and often. Without full-time monitoring and communication, items that once were listed and compliant may disappear online without much notice.

GUIDE: Truth in Syndication

Three Options for Delivering Great Product Content

Creating Engaging Shopping Experiences

Enhanced Content tells engaging product stories that translate into best-in-class shopper experiences and checkouts. Since the advent of COVID-19, enhanced content – video, image galleries, comparison charts – has seen a dramatic uptick.

74% said they are trying to recreate in-store shopping experiences online.

In recent months, there has been as much as 400% increases in visitors who engaged with Enhanced Content. Our clients see a lift of 90% on average in conversions when shoppers engage with Syndigo’s Enhanced Content.

Enhanced Content helps shoppers engage with products online when they are less inclined to physically touch them or be in close proximity of in-store shoppers.

Ratings and review content is having a greater impact on consumer behavior in the COVID-19 era. Consumers are interacting more with product content, including review content.

63% said ratings & reviews are the most valuable online shopping experiences

One example is to think about how low inventory levels are forcing shoppers to buy different products and seek validation accordingly from ratings and reviews.

This is the perfect opportunity for you to capitalize on accurate, complete meaningful review content from consumers.

Driving Sales with eCommerce Analytics

By using incremental lift, you can also calculate incremental revenue, which tells you exactly how much additional revenue is attributable because of incremental lift.

75% said the impact of content changes on sales lift is the most critical analytic to measure for the future.

With an increase in online spending during COVID-19, this metric helps provide clear evidence and attribution of the returns for your business from your marketing investment. Our eCommerce Analytics can provide many clear insights including incremental lift, to help you better understand what your consumers want and how you can reach them more effectively.

58% said they assess their product’s eCommerce strengths and weaknesses with content health rules and digital shelf analytics reports.

Leveraging analytics to navigate COVID-19 and the new normal has become non-negotiable. in today’s unprecedented times, analytics is crucial for measuring shopper behavior and content performance against competitors. With our eCommerce Analytics, it is easy to understand and improve your product performance at a much deeper level.

Our robust reporting capabilities answer important questions like “Is my content performing as well as it should?” or “Did my search rank go down?”

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