Enhanced Content for Apparel

Fashion That Fits

Have you ever ordered clothing online, tried it on and realized it looks completely different on you than it did on the model?

Sizing charts alone don’t guarantee how long a garment is, how it is cut, how it fits, and how it flows.

Today’s shoppers need product content that replicates an online fitting room experience and realistic expectations of what apparel will look like on their bodies – ultimately empowering better buying decisions.

Manuals & Product Information

Looking for live content?

Check out brands and retailers that are leveraging enhanced content on their product pages.

Own Your Product Page From Top to Bottom

Improve brand trust and drive higher conversions with enhanced content. Enhanced content tells the heart and soul of engaging product stories with greater levels of product content.

With in-line and engaging hero content, create an immersive online product experience for your consumers who are seeking fashion that fits! Include demonstration videos, lifestyles images, comparison charts, and other interactive product content.

Simply submit your brand assets once to syndicate them across Syndigo’s retailer-optimized layouts and effectively maintain data accuracy across your retailer network.

Comparison Charts
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Performance Analytics

Find out how your enhanced content is performing, which elements are getting attention and how to improve your product content.

Expand Your Retail Network

Streamline the number of vendors you need to engage with to disseminate and publish your product content.

One End-to-End Platform

Create, enrich, manage, syndicate, and analyze all your digital assets, Core Marketing, and Enhanced product content.

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