Enable Commerce with Powerful Product & Master Data Management

Combine world-class MDM, PIM, and DAM solutions with unmatched Syndication and E-Commerce Analytics.

Syndigo Acquired Riversand in 2021, Expanding Global Product Information Management and Master Data Management Capabilities

Today, Syndigo features even more powerful data governance and management solutions, combined with performance analytics and syndication to facilitate e-commerce. Together, our integrated capabilities empower clients to deliver more engaging global customer experiences by optimizing product and master data management strategies through an end-to-end solution.

Overwhelmed with Data Management? Make Data Work for You. 

Master Data Management

Accelerate business success with a master data foundation that shapes corporate strategy and guides you with insights so you can act sooner than your competition.

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Product Information Management

Strong brands rely on a deep connection. They are quickly able to harness information to see the changes in the market, adapt to new customer demands, and stay ahead of their competition.

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Customer Domain Management

Harness your customer information to create a unified customer experience, regardless of channel or platform. It’s your brand’s investment in making your customers happier with intelligent data, so you can make every conversation count.

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Learn how Syndigo enables commerce. 

Syndigo solutions unlock the power of your data to deliver high-quality customer experiences that drive sales growth. 

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Million MDM/PIM Entities Managed


Custom Validations & Business Rules


Million Digital Assets


Data Quality Rules, Executed 1 Million Times Per Day