Stop Losing Conversion Opportunities

Use Enhanced Content A/B Testing for Product Content Based on Real Shopper Data

Enhanced Content A/B Testing

Do You Know Which Product Content is Working?

Syndigo A/B testing analytics eliminates the guesswork of measuring vendors’ Enhanced Content performance by testing two different versions of the same product page… at the same time. Now you can gather deeper insights into shopper behavior to determine which content resonates best and easily publish updates across all targeted sites within the same interface. Continuous optimization of page experiences using performance testing and monitoring tools is a significant contributor to sales growth.

 A/B Testing

Create & Optimize Enhanced Content with Confidence

Syndigo’s A/B Testing for Enhanced Content provides the tools and insights necessary to help make more informed content changes faster.

Optimize Enhanced Content

Increase Conversions

Measure which content resonates most to drive higher conversion rates.

Enhanced content

Improve User Engagement

Discover the content that captivates shopper attention for longer browsing.

Syndigo’s A/B Testing

Improve ROI

Identify content designs and asset types that deliver the best return on investment.

A/B Testing for Enhanced Content

Stay Competitive

Continuously optimize enhanced content to align with evolving shopper preferences.

eCommerce Product Content

Make Data-Driven Decisions

A/B testing is based on real buyer data that enables smarter strategic content decisions.