Content Integrity Report

Unparalleled visibility into attribute-level alignment across products

Content Integrity Report

Seamless Data Alignment Boosts Customer Experiences

Consistent data alignment is key for businesses to navigate the e-commerce world. Without constant monitoring, brands could face customer confusion, products falling off the digital shelf, lost sales, and eventually a compromised reputation. With Syndigo’s Content Integrity Report, brands are enabled to seamlessly align their Product Information Management (PIM) data with live site data, translating into a harmonious digital shelf. Time and resources put into manual monitoring will be turned into strategic decision-making to enhance customer experiences, increase conversion rates, and improve brand credibility.

Content Integrity Report

Experience the Power of Content Integrity for
Seamless Data Management

Inconsistent data alignment brings your shopper frustration and hurts your brand reputation in
the long run. Get started with Content Integrity today to enable real-time resolution and ensuring accurate PIM data across all sites.

Data Management

Comprehensive Attribute Alignment

Gain a holistic view of attribute-level alignment across diverse products, ensuring consistency and accuracy.

PIM data

Status Breakdown

Identify and understand the status of each attribute with a detailed breakdown of matched vs. unmatched data.

Syndigo Platform

Analyze the average attribute alignment percentage over a selected timeframe.


Flexible Display Options

Customize your data view by Website, Brand, or obtain an overall average across all sites.

Content Integrity

Real-time Alerts

Act proactively with real-time alerts
for swift resolution.