Improve Your Site’s Content Effectiveness

Identify Vendor Content Issues and Boost Performance

Is Your Vendors’ Content Connecting with Shoppers? 

VendorSCOR content analytics monitors and alerts retailers and their vendors about easy fixes to maintain and improve e-commerce sites’ overall content health. These comprehensive scorecards are created by automated audits that identify problems and opportunities and provide vendors with prescriptive directions to improve product information. The result is higher quality, better-performing content for improved customer experiences and sales growth.


Help Vendors Improve Sales with Optimal Content

Drive higher conversion rates by actively monitoring and measuring content value to buyers so vendors can quickly address and optimize.


Customize Requirements

Create your own set of content health standards.

ecommerce VendorSCOR

Content Prioritization

Receive clear guidance and content priorities for downstream vendors.

content VendorSCOR

Comparative Views

Study side-by-side comparisons for various categories and brands.

Content Performance

Content Performance

Monitor click-through rates and track vendor progress.

product content

Proactive Troubleshooting

Leverage live, consumer-facing content to pinpoint gaps and omissions in product content.