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Audit your eCommerce content with a complimentary scorecard.

View My Product

Uncover the power data collaboration can bring to your business

Foodservice companies rely on product data that is spread across many different systems.

The View My Product module makes it easy for distributors and manufacturers to get a holistic view of their product data, so that they can easily enhance and share product information (images, nutritionals, etc) that is critical to the sale.

Add/Upload Attribytes

Product description attributes are critical ‘bytes’ of information. Patent Pending ‘Attribytes’ can be reviewed, edited, and maintained within View My Product to make sure everyone is on the same page when it comes to identifying products.

Data Quality Scorecards

Images, nutritional data, and critical description attributes (otherwise known as ‘Attribytes!’) can make or break the sale. Automated data-quality checks and scorecard distribution ensures distributors and suppliers are capturing best-in-class content.

GS1 Complementary System

You have likely already adopted GS1 Standards and actively participate in Global Data Synchronization (GDSN). Great! If not, check out our Easy Data Pool.

Now you will have access to an online platform that leverages the hard work that has been already done. Feel free to complement the data where GDSN falls short such as slice counts, piece sizes, material types, and other critical Attribytes.

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