Content Intelligence: The “Smart” Key to Unlock Digital Shelf Performance

May 29, 2024
Digital Shelf Performance

If you take a quick peek at your open tabs or browsing history, chances are you’ll find a bunch of online store pages—for shoes, clothes, furniture, even groceries. It’s pretty surprising how much online shopping has become a seamless part of our lives without even realizing it. And with global online sales on the way to hit trillions of dollars, e-commerce just keeps growing. That’s why Digital Shelf Analytics has become essential for businesses trying to make it in the online world.

One big part of Digital Shelf Analytics is Content Intelligence . With so much content on the internet, brands really need to make sure they’re creating content of impeccable quality and precision. A recent consumer survey conducted by Syndigo revealed that 83% of global consumers would seek alternatives if they couldn’t find sufficient information, including basic specs, ingredient list, or comprehensive image carousels. Additionally, 73% of consumers believe that inaccurate product information negatively impacts their perception towards the brand.

This underscores the vital role of Content Intelligence in addressing the degradation of the sales funnel, as outlined in our foundational resource – Four Main Focuses of Digital Shelf Analytics.

Digital Shelf

Let’s now explore how Content Intelligence serves as a powerful tool to navigate and enhance your digital shelf presence.

Content Intelligence- Unleashing Your Digital Shelf Performance

Content Intelligence contains the critical elements associated with the product information and assets exchanged between brands and retailers, shaping the narrative that shoppers encounter on your PDPs. It features:

  • Content Health Report. Evaluates the quality and depth of product content to align with the expectations of both retailers and consumers. With an easy-to-read score that serves as an indicator of the overall health of your content spanning from image quality, content completeness to help continually improve site experiences for consumers.
  • Content Integrity Report. Provides comprehensive insights into the alignment of your PIM data and live site content across all your retail channels. Ensures accuracy, timeliness, and consistency of information and imagery across diverse platforms. Identifying and addressing content gaps, ensuring compliance with the conditions and standards set by retailers and marketplaces.
Digital Shelf Analytics
  • Compare with Live. Quickly identify inconsistencies in content and make necessary changes in real-time. Iintuitive 1-1 comparison feature visually analyzes each retailer’s mapping of your PIM data against live product information, highlighting any discrepancies in red. This powerful tool optimizes your product listings, ensuring accurate and timely delivery of content across all your retail channels.
Content Intelligence

More Intelligent E-commerce Analytics to Drive Demand

Marketing Intelligence and Content Intelligence are the important analyses to ensure your content is ready to move shoppers through the sales funnel. As we head towards the middle and the bottom of the funnel, you’ll need to prevent audience degradation. Make sure to find out how Operational Intelligence optimizes your stock and pricing strategy to win over competition.

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