Podcast – My Content Journey: The Data Chef talks with Chris Barnes

December 11, 2020
Syndigo Solution

The ‘build vs. buy’ conundrum of content management

Chris Barnes, Sr. VP at Syndigo, has been around eCommerce and data management for most of his career. From early on, his focus has been on working with clients and uncovering opportunities to get their data “right”, right from the start.

He chats with the Data Chef about his journey through client service to eCommerce and content management; The evolution of content capture in the industry, and how product imagery has become more and more important, from the outer shipping box down to the food item itself. He also shares his thoughts on the changing nature of product distribution, the importance of content and images in driving it, and how companies should be thinking about the ways their content is created and shared.

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The Data Chef is a periodic podcast series featuring Syndigo clients, experts and other industry notables who serve the Foodservice industry and other consumer goods sectors.