GS1 Support. A Syndigo Advantage.

July 11, 2020

There is a lot of talk about technology and the evolution of retail shopping, whether it is voice activated ordering, growing online storefronts, click-and-collect, or delivery services. This focus assumes that the underlying data used to drive these new platforms and technologies will deliver accurate information to ensure proper product selection, collection and/or delivery than what is available.

However, simply having data or posting on behalf of supplier clients is not a reassurance of data quality. There needs to be a standard protocol when it comes to ensuring accuracy and efficiency – through the entire supply chain. It has been mentioned in these online pages and when speaking with our clients and other audiences, that our vision is to help our clients succeed by enabling the efficient transfer of data between suppliers and retailers. By becoming the central hub for providing digital product content, nutrition information and rich media, Syndigo can power engaging shopper experiences across brands, distributors and retailers.

To do so, we partner with industry leaders to ensure this efficient transfer of information in approved data sets. The GS1 is one such organization that has been assisting Syndigo by providing the data framework for our GDSN data pool. Recently, Syndigo upgraded our partnership by becoming an Elite member of the GS1 US Solution Partner Program. This is yet another demonstration of our commitment to delivering services and solutions that are quick, efficient and accurate to GS1 Standards.

Our Elite member status enables us to complete in-depth training/refresh programs so our experts can offer guidance and support to our customers around implementing GS1 Standards. We are currently involved in several GS1 Global initiatives, including the Global Data Model, Attributes for Business Definitions, Architecure Data Group, Data Excellence Board, and sector initiatives around the foodservice, healthcare and apparel industries. Syndigo’s client and data teams can utilize this expertise to provide in-depth knowledge, expert resources and invaluable tools to our clients in order to help them gain supply chain visibility and efficiencies.

In addition, Syndigo recently joined the new GS1 Certified Identification Partner program launching in January 2020. Designed to provide the industry with trusted sources of expert advice, Syndigo will help guide suppliers through the adoption and use of GS1-formatted content to improve their efficiency in the industry.

The support of GS1 GDSN standards is one important part of Syndigo’s overall approach to an integrated digital content program that helps our clients to drive their shoppers’ purchase patterns, as well as Core content, Enhanced content, and in-store merchandising.

If you are looking to learn more about the GDSN, please visit some of our resources online. And it’s not to soon to block time for GS1 Connect June 15-18, 2020 and the Syndigo User Group the day prior.



GS1 US® is an information standards organization that brings industry communities together to improve supply-chain business processes through the adoption and implementation of GS1 Standards. The GS1 US Solution Partner Program facilitates the implementation of GS1 Standards by connecting users with solution providers that have proven standards expertise. More information on GS1 can be found here.

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