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Syndigo Around the World – A Growing Global Focus

Syndigo Around the World – A Growing Global Focus

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It’s no surprise to anyone that eCommerce (both searching and shopping) is growing worldwide. Europe is expected to grow more than 13% in 2019 to 621 billion euros according to Eurostat,1 and similar trends are anticipated in other regions, too. With a higher overall internet penetration than the US, Europe has strong continued potential for eCommerce shopping.

Source: Eurostat

Current EU online purchasing activity among Internet users is fairly high as well – almost 7 out of 10 internet users made online purchases in the prior 12 months, which is close to usage in the US. And cross-border purchasing also continues to grow, making the marketplace need for consistency and accuracy more and more important.

As our clients look to expand to other markets, we at Syndigo plan to be there.

We recently completed our acquisition of Wisebase, a solution provider for core and enhanced content in central Europe (including Poland, Romania and Germany). In addition to our existing presence in France, UK and The Netherlands, this will help our ability to provide clients a broader reach outside their existing borders. And with client service personnel located in local markets, Syndigo will be able to address our client needs quickly and directly.

In Latin America, there is also a growing desire for more content to fuel eCommerce and in-store activity, especially in Brazil and Mexico. Syndigo is there as well, helping retailer recipients and suppliers with their product content needs in local markets as well as with retailer recipients located in the US.

Check out our case study with Brazilian retailer

Syndigo is also working with industry associations such as GS1 globally, to better understand the needs and requirements that ensure consistency throughout a global supply chain. Our GS1 Elite Member status enables participation in many work streams, including the Global Registry for Product Verification and Global Data Model.


We also have been fortunate active participants in international events, including the recent GS1 Conference in Lisbon, Portugal. As consumer products move about the globe more frequently, our engagement will help the product content industry become more standardized, everywhere. Content Health – a product’s completeness, accuracy and compliance with standards – will become a global shorthand for a brand’s ability to sell and deliver online.

And what about dealing with multiple-country products that contain labels in languages other than English, or products that come with multiple language versions? With Syndigo’s launch of the Content Experience Hub as a single platform for integrating all product content across Core, Enhanced and GDSN data, with connections to our global retailer network, this multi-country information can all be integrated as well. The benefits of our CXH platform mean that our clients can add their content as needed, with the security in knowing that the proper data taxonomies will keep their content accurate, no matter how many multi-country or multi-language products come online.

Take a look at some of our Syndigo teams around the world!
As markets continue to open to new products, and companies look to expand to new markets and regions, it is important to understand the local requirements to serve these new markets. Having an integrated platform, with local client support staff, is a winning combination.
Looking to manage your content outside the US? Contact us today for information on how Syndigo can help.

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