Lower Priced Items Can Benefit from Enhanced Content: Two Real World Examples

February 18, 2020

With nearly every consumer product available online, it can be a challenge as a brand to know what information to include for your shopper. Obviously, having complete and accurate Core product information (including digital product images, brand name, dimensions and label information, etc.) is required. But if your brand features smaller ticket items – such as grocery or health and beauty care products – is it worth the investment to include Enhanced content or analytics on content health?

In the crowded omnichannel marketplace, your brands need to engage your consumer and give them a reason to buy. Your online Enhanced content should be an extension of your other brand-building activities including advertising, social media and in-store promotions. Here are two examples of how Syndigo clients with lower-priced items improved their shopper experiences.

PepsiCo Increases Digital Shopper Engagement with Integrated Content, Analytics and Reporting

As consumer shopping behaviors continue to evolve, PepsiCo has led the way in driving digital shopper engagement. Over the past several years, the company created a global eCommerce team with expertise across digital product pages, search engine optimization, and product content.

One of the areas PepsiCo wanted to further develop was better connecting with digital shoppers and improving brand consistency in the eCommerce environment.

Building trust with our consumers requires us to deliver the best brand experience online,” said Michal Geller, Pepsico SVP of Global eCommerce Marketing And Product. “Syndigo gives us the capabilities we need to accomplish that.”

Working together, PepsiCo and Syndigo have had a number of major wins, including updating their product imagery for a significant new product launch; improving workflows for updated content; digital content auditing to ensure proper representation regardless of where consumers shop; optimizing product content as new packaging rolls out.

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Nuspace & Syndigo: Working Together for a Successful Shopping Experience

Nuspace is more than just an eCommerce platform for cosmetics and healthcare items in Latin America. It’s positioned itself as an environment all its own, providing products, services, information and interaction in a digital platform for the group’s business and for retailer Drogarias Iguatemi customers.

Brands recognize the importance of having quality content that consumers can engage with on Nuspace, including detailed product information and product photos. However, the company wanted to increase their eCommerce presence using Enhanced content.

Partnering with Syndigo, Nuspace has helped to create greater engagement with their shoppers. Based on shopping studies conducted with P&G and Philips, Nuspace found an average sales lift of 40% in purchase conversion, with some products increasing as much as 100% or more by using enhanced content. Due to the success of the Syndigo program, Nuspace is encouraging all their healthcare products suppliers to join the enhanced content program through their Syndigo partnership.

For shoppers, a retailer’s website is the new destination and search reference they are looking for; Nuspace can fill that need,” said Leonardo Diniz, Nuspace Group Executive Director. “And the benefit we can provide to suppliers is the fast and easy implementation. New items can be uploaded very quickly, and updates occur almost in real time, automatically.”

While Enhanced content delivers more detailed and engaging information to help sell durable goods and other large-ticket items, it should also be considered for the frequently-purchased small ticket items.

Today’s consumer is driven by the experience, and the emotional connection that enhanced content can help to generate – through video, demos, application uses and more – drives more conversion for shoppers online.

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