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Webinar Recap: Enhancing Your PDPs with Engaging Experiences

Webinar Recap: Enhancing Your PDPs with Engaging Experiences

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Basic information on a product detail page (PDP) just isn’t enough these days! Having the ability to share truly engaging product experiences is crucial to driving sales and moving beyond simple descriptions that can otherwise leave a shopper unconvinced.

Syndigo’s Enhanced Content capabilities enable the compelling product detail pages and in-depth reporting that brands and retailers need—all from a single source.

Our recent webinar on this very topic explored:

  • how shoppers are trying out new products at a higher rate than ever
  • why it’s critical to highlight product differentiators
  • what the top metrics are when it comes to engagement and conversions
  • how to best showcase brand messaging to achieve customer satisfaction.

In the webinar, Syndigo’s own Enhanced Content General Manager, Jennifer Ley, SVP of Product Benny Blum and VP of Client Development Kristen Lyons took attendees through exactly what Enhanced Content is and the benefits that our robust network of brands and retailers have seen from it.

What is Enhanced Content?

With Enhanced Content, brands and retailers can create intelligent product pages that mirror virtual sales showrooms. These capabilities help set PDPs apart by enabling interactive content and leveraging real-time analytics to assess and improve performance.

While the average conversion rate for a standard product page is 8%, we’ve seen a lift of as much as average of 90% from pages with Enhanced Content.

Examples of Enhanced Content include:

  • Interactive Imagery
  • Videos
  • Engaging Hero
  • Contextual Hotspots
  • Comparison Charts
  • And more!
Brands and retailers across multiple verticals have benefitted from Enhanced Content, seeing more time spent on pages, increased conversions and fewer returns—all due to shoppers feeling more educated and informed to make confident purchase decisions.

For more details on Enhanced Content and answers to further questions, watch the webinar recording now!

What is Enhanced Content?