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Send Sales Over the Top with Better Over-the-Counter Product Content

Send Sales Over the Top with Better Over-the-Counter Product Content

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Online shopping can be overwhelming, especially when the products you’re looking for are health-related. Those extensive digital assortments can be reassuring when it comes to knowing you have options, but also challenging when it comes to choosing the right one for your immediate need.

Plenty of consumers are turning to websites, rather than physical stores, to find and purchase their over-the-counter products. Some may be looking for a simple thermometer while others might be seeking a particular cold medicine. Regardless of the particular item at hand, these shoppers are craving content that highlights key features and need-based marketing.

Educate your shoppers

Make your brand stand out

Rich content is the key to making brand experiences pop online. Today’s shoppers seek transparency, realistic visuals, and all their questions answered before making a purchase. With Syndigo’s Content Experience Hub (CXH), you can achieve all of this and more with Enhanced Content.

Average 41% conversion lift for this category

Building hands-off points of interaction makes a big difference. This empowers consumers to engage in an immersive experience with the product from the comfort of their own home, ultimately to gain a confident understanding of how safe, effective, and relevant that over-the-counter product will be for their unique needs. Use Enhanced Content features like videos, FAQ sections, drug facts, certifications, and product directions to maximize engagement opportunities.

Tell your story with video galleries: 26% increase in conversions when shoppers engage with video

Drive conversions with better PDPs

Engaging Hero and In-Line Content enable the conversion lift that suppliers and retailers are after. By showcasing Enhanced Content in strategic areas of the PDP, you create more opportunities for interaction and increase add-to-cart rates. Other ways to drive such engagement include 360-spins, product tours, and comparison charts.

61% conversion lift with 360-visuals
10% lift in conversions when engaging with product tour
Retail With CXH

If you’re an over-the-counter brand owner, submit your brand assets to Syndigo so you can seamlessly syndicate them across your network in retailer-optimized layouts. Start bringing your product content to life to clearly show consumers what’s different and special about your product.

Highlight product comparisons
Showcase innovative capabilities
Deliver key product features
and provide usage instructions
We’ve been in the business of helping companies manage, validate, optimize, syndicate, and elevate their product content for two decades. Serving Enhanced Content to amplify the shopping experience is a key part of that equation. With a recipient network of over 650+ sites, partnering with over 1,000 brands, and delivering over 3.5 million impressions a year, you can trust us to support your brand launch, provide guidance, and measure success along the way.

Start leveraging Enhanced Content for your over-the-counter products today!

Make your brand stand out
Drive conversions with better PDPs