Winning in Retail With Syndigo: Add Compelling Selling Data

September 20, 2021

Retailers: Hopefully you’ve read the last two installments of this series, all about how to win in retail with the Syndigo platform. If not, we suggest taking a few moments to look back here and here so you can review the benefits of fulfilled vendor onboarding data, as well as streamlined operational data. The final piece we’re covering in this part of the series is selling data.

Although some might see it as the icing on the cake, selling data should be part of a complete content listing. It involves the extra touches that make products—you guessed it—sell! Through Syndigo, the Active Content Engine, selling data creates an even more engaging shopper experience. Keep reading to learn just how this type of data boosts eCommerce performance on retailer sites that use Syndigo.

Data that sells products

Our Forrester Consulting study found that 63% of product content management decision-makers struggle with creating compelling, rich product content. Standard product information may communicate the primary message of a brand, but that’s simply not enough these days. Online shopping activity is only increasing, and retailers know just as well as brands that Product Detail Pages (PDPs) have to stand out from the competition in order to sell. That’s why Syndigo applies selling data to make sure those pages have elevated content experiences that educate and persuade the consumer.

By managing this selling data, retailers get complete and accurate product content on their websites—and in store, for that matter, which also improves shelf merchandising. Moreover, wellness claims can be incorporated for food/health-based items, Enhanced Content features like image carousels and 360-spins can provide interactive elements, and internal teams are better aligned on real-time changes (reducing manual edits and spreadsheet work).

What kinds of product experiences are created?

A whole wealth of content is possible for retailer PDPs that are powered by Syndigo. The selling data translates to captivating experiences for consumers, with plenty of options available: optimized images, mobile hero images, consistent package shots, custom-derived attributes, and much more.

Another telling finding from our Forrester Consulting study was that 54% of respondents felt that improving product content quality was key to eCommerce success. The Syndigo approach with this data dramatically improves the quality and efficiency of the product experiences, getting selling data on the PDPs quicker and elevating those PDPs from simple to engaging. Even better, they meet consumer expectations on a better scale. From images and videos that provide extensive data, to Syndigo-created content that’s accurate and consistent across products, to details about shelf life, storage temperatures, and hazardous material, these PDPs are more likely to ensure the shopper is fully informed and happy with their purchase.

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