Core Content

Create, manage, syndicate, enrich and optimize your product information to optimize your eCommerce experience, In-Store Merchandising, and Supply Chain and Logistics data.

Syndigo has the world’s largest active database of
product data

Over 45% of shoppers find that product description text doesn’t provide enough information*. In today’s consumer-first world, there is a lot of focus on product content. Shoppers look for sites and brands that can provide in-depth product information, easily.

We can meet your Core Content needs and provide consumers with confidence in making accurate purchase decisions.

Grow Your Brand Online & In-Store

Core Content is the basic, descriptive content required for listing on eCommerce sites. It consists of primary assets used to fed into GDSN data, retailer eCommerce pages, or nutritional information sites.

With the world’s largest active database of food, health and beauty, home improvement, and other product content, Syndigo can help you with your Core Content needs. We enable you to create, manage, syndicate, enrich and optimize your product content, all from a single, integrated platform.

Leverage The Largest Global Retailer Network

Syndigo can enrich and verify your product content including images, weights and dimensions, nutritional data and other attributes.

Then we can release it to the largest retailer network. With more than four decades of in-store and eCommerce expertise in the industry, Syndigo connects 1,500+ retailers globally through our Syndigo.

With integration for some of the largest retailers including WalmartCostco, FreshDirect, Instacart, and many others, you can have the peace of mind that your product content can instantly reach leading US grocery, drug and mass retailers, and top convenience/gas retailers, plus partner websites and retailer mobile apps with millions of visitors per month.

Plus, we keep our data fresh, adding numerous new and updated products – with multiple images and hundreds of attributes – every year.

Access Accurate Product Content Everywhere

From Syndigo’s experience working with many of the world’s leading consumer brands and retailers, there are many core data attributes that need to be captured for quality.

Although many retailers require their data in varied formats, Syndigo’s integrated Content Experience Suite maintains the proper templates and unique specifications for distribution to recipients.

Syndigo keeps all your assets in one place and syndicate according to recipient taxonomy, attribute, and rule sets. This flexibility reduces your content management time and ensures greater syndication accuracy, delivered in real time.


Shoppers gain the right impression online and in-store


Product descriptors and derived information beyond the label


Syndicate to largest global retailer network of 1,500 recipients


Syndigo ensures items are verified for completeness, accuracy, and quality