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Resources for Connecting to Online Shoppers

Resources for Connecting to Online Shoppers

Information to Help You Manage Your Business Today and for the Future

The adjectives to describe the outbreak of coronavirus (COVID-19) and its impact on the world, business and consumer economy have been powerful : “Alarming.” “Unsettling.” “Unprecedented.” For businesses that make consumer products in particular, monitoring the COVID-19 outbreak has become a high-risk proposition. With the uncertainties around how long the virus will continue, it becomes a challenge to plan for the longer term. On the other hand, it is times like these where consumers can attach loyalty to the brands that serve them well.

Like you, here at Syndigo we have been monitoring the online activity of eCommerce sites as well as the industry at large. We’ve compiled some information from across thought leaders and our own information to help to build a more complete picture on what is happening in the marketplace.

Below are a few charts, links, and descriptions to help you keep up on the business implications and potential solutions to help you gain as insights to make informed decisions for your business. We hope you find this information helpful. As always, please reach out to you Syndigo account professional if you have any questions.

Finally, you can access Syndigo’s approach in response to COVID-19, published back in March of this year. Syndigo’s management team chose an early-response methodology to protect our clients’ ability to manage their businesses during the outbreak, and as of this date are continuing at full capacity.