Operational Intelligence: The Last Push from Add-to-Cart to Checking Out 

July 01, 2024
Digital Shelf

Imagine the frustration: a potential customer browses your website, adds items into their cart, and then – poof!  – vanishes without completing the transaction. It is not uncommon for shoppers to abandon their carts before completing the transaction; according to a recent Syndigo consumer survey, 50% of shoppers have abandoned cart in their shopping journey before. 

Cart abandonment has remained a persistent challenge for brands and retailers towards the bottom of the sales funnel to convert shoppers, and it calls for Operational Intelligence of the Four Main Focuses of Digital Shelf Analytics to address it. 

Content Intelligence

Understanding Cart Abandonment – The Numbers Don’t Lie 

The Abandonment Rate

The abandonment rate – the percentage of shoppers who leave their carts without purchasing – varies across industries. According to recent studies:  

Operational Intelligence ecommerce

Reasons Behind Abandonment 

Several factors contribute to cart abandonment: 

  • Unexpected costs: high shipping fees, taxes, or hidden charges.
  • Comparison shopping: shoppers explore multiple sites to compare prices or promotions before committing. 
  • Out-of-stock: items become out-of-stock before successfully checking out. 
  • Complicated Checkout Process: lengthy forms, mandatory account creation, or unclear steps. 
  • Distraction: competitors’ ads, promotions… or life happens. 
  • Lack of trust: concerns about security, product quality, return policies without enough product information in place. 
Operational Intelligence ecommerce

Tackling Cart Abandonment – Syndigo’s Solution

1. Real-Time Stock Status Insights 

Syndigo’s Out-of-Stock Report provides real-time visibility into stock availability. Brands can track the availability of products and ensure they are not losing potential sales due to stock shortages. And it helps brands to proactively adjust their inventory level to successfully meet customer demand. 

2. Win the Buy Box 

Leverage Syndigo’s Buy Box Report to increase sales opportunities and market share. Real-time monitoring ensures that your products consistently occupy the coveted buy box, maximizing market share. Avoid last-minute turnover and be confident that your product is what shoppers get whenever they want it. 

3. Dynamic Pricing Intelligence 

Pricing matters. With Syndigo’s Pricing Report, you can gain insights into competitive pricing across the market. Adjust your prices strategically to stay competitive without sacrificing margins. Offering the best value to shoppers so they are not going anywhere. 

4. Promotions that Convert 

Craft targeted promotions based on data-driven insights provided by Syndigo’s Promotions Report. You are empowered to identify which promotions resonate with your audience. Whether its BOGO deals, discounts, or limited time offers, optimize your promotions to reduce cart abandonment rate. For promotion enthusiasts, Syndigo’s 2023 research dives deeper into the correlation between promotion duration, stock level, and Buy Box wins. Curious about whether long promotions lead to Buy Box victories? Click here for answers! 

5. Content, Content, Content! 

Unfortunately, even if your product is well-stocked, and has the most competitive price, shoppers may still abandon carts due to insufficient product information on your PDP. Shockingly, 73% of shoppers could be driven to competitor sites because of this issue. Fortunately, Syndigo’s Content Intelligence steps in to elevate your content game, ensuring high-quality, accurate, and engaging product information. 

More Intelligent E-commerce Analytics to Drive Demand 

Having explored Marketing Intelligence, Content Intelligence, and Operational Intelligence, we’ve paved the way to tackle shopper degradation along the sales funnel. But there’s one crucial step remaining: Shopper Intelligence! Stay tuned as we unveil this final piece of the puzzle. 

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