Global UDI Submission

Syndigo is the only platform that is committed to Global UDI submission, GDSN publication, and content syndication.

Syndigo Healthcare can make a world of difference to your company

An estimated ten Regulatory Agencies will release new and unique UDI Requirements over the next five years. Syndigo enables robust product content support to meet the continually changing regulations in healthcare while satisfying and monitoring each from a single set of medical device data. UDI compliance starts with end-to-end digitized quality assurance.

Bookmark our handy reference page to keep track of the ever-changing UDI deadlines by regulator!

What’s your strategy?

From a single set of easily uploaded Medical Device data….

  • Publish instantly to emerging Regulatory Agencies around the world
  • Pre-validate data for each Regulatory Agency before sending
  • Monitor Global Submission Status in Real Time
  • Syndicate assets and data to any B2B, B2C, or eCommerce partner or internal team
  • Convert data to meet differing requirements
  • Receive alerts on Regulatory Changes, Requirements, Deadlines, Status and more
  • Access our complete suite of content management tools
  • Publish to Syndigo Healthcare’s Certified GDSN Data Pool

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