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Nutrition Information

Help your consumers understand the nutrition data behind what they eat in restaurant, foodservice and grocery foods.

We are the leading independent source for consumer nutritional information. Our goal is to make it easier for consumers to understand nutrition across foodservice, grocery stores, restaurants and more than 2,000 consumer apps.

Syndigo brings together nutrition information from a network of restaurant chains, foodservice providers and grocery stores covering more than 92% of food products in the US and Canada. Syndigo’s nutrition database and restaurant platform, along with nutrition and exercise APIs enable clients and consumers a transparent view of product nutrition.

Apps using our data
Restaurant chain menus
Grocery products

Comprehensive Nutritional Coverage

With the world’s largest nutritional database for grocery, restaurant food, and common recipes, Syndigo is the independent source for consumer nutritional information, which helps to build consumer trust. Syndigo covers more than 92% of grocery items in the US and Canada. We provide consumer access to this information via a downloadable app to help them track what they eat and even share their food log with a nutrition coach.

Interactive Menus

Restaurants and foodservice outlets — and their suppliers as well — can benefit from Syndigo’s nutrition information. Although calorie counts are regulatory requirements, consumer-driven calls for transparency can provide a competitive advantage. With more than 600 restaurant chains using Syndigo nutrition calculators, interactive menus and allergen wizards, you can be sure consumers will gain greater trust in the network of restaurants powered by our applications.

Common Foods Database

One of the biggest consumer dietary challenges is to find nutritional equivalents for food prepared in the home. With Syndigo’s common foods database, our in-house registered dietitian team researches, curates and analyzes recipes from around the world. With more than 5,000 custom recipes – from bologna sandwiches to banh mi – Syndigo can help retailers and manufacturers provide more detailed nutritional information on the recipes that consumers know and love, driving more sales of those items.


Automate manual tasks and increase efficiency


Bring products to market more quickly


Detect errors and prevent costly data mistakes


Increase data quality and become a preferred vendor

Syndigo Wellness Claims

Learn more about Syndigo's wellness data and nutritional information.

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