Price Synchronization

Securely communicate pricing information from brand to recipient through a seamless encrypted platform.

Our integrated and secure platform helps you to review and approve pricing agreements at both corporate and regional levels, allowing for faster payments and more accurate reconciliation. Price Synchronization supports multiple values including list price, bracket price, taxes, promotional discounts, and freight allowances. Messages between all parties are encrypted, ensuring confidentiality between partners accessed through the Syndigo platform.

Secure Pricing Communications

Organizations often share pricing information with trading partners via non-standard documents, including email attachments. The sensitive nature of pricing data makes this method of communication problematic. With Syndigo Price Synchronization, all communications take place within the platform through secure and encrypted information, protecting sensitive pricing discussions between trading partners.

Better Price Reconciliation

The effort to compile and reconcile various pricing sheets and document formats often falls to the recipient, which can be a significant burden in terms of human and technology resources. These manual processes also can cause data entry errors which adds to greater need for reconciliation on the back end. With Syndigo Price Syndication these inefficiencies are eliminated, which ensures faster payment and reduced time and effort for reconciliation.

Data Governance and Coordination

While coordination with trading partners can be a challenge, ensuring consistency and transparency within your organization can also be a large impact on time and accuracy. With Price Synchronization, the appropriate cost, trading partner prices, tax and other variables can be shared among corporate, regional and finance departments, making internal data management more efficient as well. Secure workflows also enable pricing requests and approvals in a transparent way, reducing confusion and delay in pricing and payments.


Ensure trading partners and internal departments have the correct information


Single, agreed-upon values accessed from a central location


Encrypted platform for all communications to partners


Workflows for documenting pricing requests and approvals
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